Blonde teen Lovita licks the pink asshole of the older Kathy


Old dirty MILF Kathy Anderson has her eyes on that cute sexy piece Lovita Fate for long time already. And now she finally has her in her home, carelessly lounging on the couch with her feet up. Kathy has prepared herself for this moment in a matching red bra and panties set and wearing red heels and she daringly walks over to the couch and gives Lovita a foot massage, then sits next to the younger blonde on the couch to play with her clit. Sucking Lovitau2019s natural tits and fingering her pussy, Kathy brings the angel to orgasm, the MILF then bends over doggystyle on the couch so Lovita can give her a rimjob. Lovita tongues Kathyu2019s pink asshole and fingers her pussy until the MILF also explodes in orgasm.

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Added on: September 22, 2022
Updated on: September 22, 2022